What is it like working in Budiš?

„The close links between all departments in the company and the direct contact with people from other departments make working at St. Nicolaus very inspiring and ever-changing. The direct impact on the products on the market and the visible results of the handling are very motivating and rewarding. The constantly and rapidly changing world of FMCG creates a working environment that I have enjoyed every day for many years.”
Vladimír Krescanko
senior brand manager
„I started working at Budiš with the vision of finding a job after my university studies. Since the company’s operations are in my home village, I have an even more personal connection to the job. I appreciate the approach of the company’s management, who had made a great assessment of the position suitable for me already during the personal interview. In customer service, I use my communication skills to the fullest, I’m a right-hand sales rep, and best of all, I make friends at work who make going to work not only a duty, but a lot of fun.”
Lenka Zábrecká
Customer Service Officer
„I have worked at Budiš for more than 10 years. I appreciate our stable, experienced and pleasant team, modern technological equipment as well as the openness and helpfulness of my superiors.”
Roman Lukačovič
Syrup Maker

Fee positions

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