Dietary Habits of Slovaks: What Should We Avoid, According to Gastroenterologists?

13. December 2021 – Lifestyle
It is estimated that up to 50% of Slovaks do not eat healthily. The view of most households is that food should be enjoyed. And that is accompanied by a few bad habits. According to gastroenterologists MUDr. Miloš Bubán and MUDr. Radovan Juríček, some of them should be widely avoided. See the ranking of the most common bad habits among Slovaks.

Each of us has certain habits that we carry out during the day. Morning coffee with a cigarette instead of breakfast, a relaxing nap after lunch or a glass of hard liquor for nice dreams. Little things that work for us as a period after a meal or a punctuation colon before a meal. But not every routine is good for our digestion. 

Irregular Eating 

Experts have been pointing out for decades that eating regular meals promotes health. However, today’s fast-paced times force us to increase the pace of life, and so we feel like we’re not keeping up with anything. That’s why many of us skip food from our busy daily schedule. Research has shown that women are the most likely to skip breakfast. Men, on the contrary, do not catch up on lunches or dinners. According to gastroenterologist Miloš Bubán, it is necessary to eat when one is active not only physically but also mentally. It’s also not good to skip meals during the day, as you’re not giving your body energy at regular intervals. Eating small amounts on a regular basis ensures stable blood sugar levels and thus prevents a great feeling of hunger or overeating. According to Dr. Bubán, eating before sleeping is also a big mistake. You should not consume food for about three hours before going to bed. This habit not only causes weight gain, but can also give you heartburn. MUDr. Juríček adds that in addition to the regularity of eating, there is a lack of minerals and more frequent bad habits among Slovaks. Exercise in combination with important and regular intake of fluids and minerals. Both experts agree that it is important to spread your fluid intake throughout the day, drink before rather than after meals and remember to drink mineral water to replenish lost minerals.

Neglecting Fluid Intake

Many studies have been conducted on the impact of hydration on our bodies, yet it is still a neglected and underestimated topic. However, it is certain that without water and mineral intake, our body will not perform well. Taking adequate amounts of fluids helps regulate bowel movements, prevents constipation and, in combination with stomach acids and enzymes, breaks down food. In order for food to pass through our digestive system, the body needs to pump all the available fluids. If there are not enough in our body, the result can be slow digestion, constipation or bloating. In prolonged periods of dehydration, stomach ulcers or reflux problems may occur. Both experts agree that people can also help improve their digestion by drinking natural mineral waters more often. For example, the traditional Budiš mineral water, thanks to its content of bicarbonates and sulphates, among other health benefits, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, improves the mobility of the intestines, and therefore prevents constipation, which is a common disorder of the digestive tract.   Dr. Bubán points out that we should not drink only when we feel thirsty. Regular daily fluid intake is the alpha and omega. In the summer months or physical exercise, it is necessary to increase its intake. It is also a mistake that many people take liquids that are high in sugar or caffeine. However, according to experts, these drinks cannot be counted among normal fluid intake. Sweetened, carbonated, caffeinated drinks or alcohol should therefore be replaced with natural mineral water. The Slovak mineral water Budiš may not only supplement your drinking regime, but can also be a natural ionic drink for the body – a faster intake of lost minerals necessary for the functioning of the body. 

Smoking After Meals

Many smokers immediately indulge in a cigarette after a good meal. Some do so thinking that a cigarette will help their digestion. Everyone knows that smoking is a dangerous habit in itself. But smoking after a meal is particularly dangerous. A single cigarette after a meal then has the same effect as 10 cigarettes in a row. In addition, it negatively affects our metabolic system. Dr. Juríček points out that smoking and alcohol in combination with already heavy Slovak cuisine are the most common triggers of pancreatitis, as well as pancreatic cancer. 

Little Varied Diet and Voracious Eating 

The hundred billion bacteria that make up the microflora of the digestive system need to be very carefully pampered. They have an impact not only on the psyche, but also on our weight or immune system. According to Dr Bubán, many people in Slovakia, especially young people, eat fast food, eat poor quality food, eat a lot of sugar or eat a lot of fatty foods. Our diet should therefore include fish, oilseeds and nuts rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation and balance leaky bowels. The list also includes rice, whole-grain breads, as many vegetables and fruits as possible, legumes that are rich in fiber, eggs, dairy products and plenty of fluids. The habit, which we mistake for pride, is to eat everything on the plate, no matter how big the portion. Dr. Bubán advises to avoid eating quickly and voraciously. It is important to mix the food sufficiently with saliva, and move it through the esophagus to the stomach when well processed.

Difficulty with Stool and Colonic Cleansing  

Gastroenterologists are sounding the alarm that a number of people are functioning in a state of constant self-observation. This is also why irritable bowel syndrome is so common in the population. Patients are hypersensitive, tense, anxious, and this manifests itself mainly in the form of indigestion and intestinal problems. We should pay attention to colonic cleansing. These promise to mechanically cleanse the mucous membranes and walls of the colon of buildup and may relieve constipation problems. According to Dr. Juricek, it is a very common myth that the intestines are polluted like waste pipes. Dirt gets stuck to the walls and can clog the intestine. Therefore, a colonic cleansing is said to be necessary to drain away several years of settled impurities. However, it is forgotten that a healthy intestine is an ingenious organ, which, unlike the waste pipe, is alive. It has the ability to constantly cleanse itself, so proper bowel function and cleansing only requires a proper lifestyle, including diet and plenty of fluids. According to both experts, a proper drinking regime, which is beneficial for digestion, is the basis of the body’s internal balance.

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