Insufficient Mineral Supplementation Can Affect Your Performance

13. December 2021 – Lifestyle
During any physical activity, a number of chemical processes take place in our body that have a positive effect on our body. However, we should not forget to replenish our drinking regime and minerals that we lose through sweating, not only during physical activity, but also when driving. Experts agree – mineral water is the most ideal choice for replenishing lost minerals.

Watch Out for Dehydration 

Without good hydration, the human body cannot function properly. One should not drink when thirsty, but follow a drinking regime and continuously replenish lost minerals. This is even more true in the summer months and even when the car’s air conditioning is on. “The primary symptom of dehydration is thirst. It is the body’s natural response to the loss of inorganic salts in the body, which the body has lost through natural excretion. The general public tends to associate the feeling of thirst with the need to take fluids, but this is incorrect, because if we only drank rainwater (which contains no minerals), we would never get rid of the feeling of thirst. This means that to eliminate the feeling of thirst, we need to ingest salts that are dissolved in water,” says Professor Peter Šimko, an expert in food chemistry and technology. Important minerals leave the body with water and need to be constantly replenished. “Minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the body – their continuous replenishment is therefore a priority for good nutrition. Mineral waters contain more minerals compared to drinking water. Therefore, they are particularly suitable in cases of increased exertion – during physical work and sports activity (higher sweat fluid output) and at high ambient temperature,” adds the Professor. 

Replacing Lost Minerals  

Mineral deficiencies need to be supplemented with the right mineral water, which helps the body to recover more effectively after physical activity. The Slovak mineral water Budiš naturally replaces lost minerals and is a natural ionic drink for the body. It is rich in mineral content – sodium, potassium, silicon, fluoride, bicarbonate and increased calcium content.

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